By Lesley Cornish

There are excuses and excuses…. but this was a big one! We had to wait before leaving Felo Garona because there was a herd of elephants in the road. They were scuffing up the surface and throwing dust over themselves, and all we could do was wait for them to go. At the back of the group was a bull, and he was very interested in one of the cows, who urinated for him, and he put the end of his trunk into her urine to test for her being in oestrus. I was hoping they would mate, but no such luck, and we finally left for our duty.


In the photographs, the wires of Felo Garona fence can be seen – it was not a dirty lens.


Earlier that day we saw a Spotted Eagle Owl near “Dassie Rock”, and a Kori Bustard really close on Mankwe Way!


Then on Sunday, we ended up at the lion kill on Kukama, which was really close to the road. We drove up-and-down-and-down- and-up, putting people back in their cars and trying to keep a passage through. But I managed to sneak a photo of the lions displaying not very good table manners!


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