On the weekend of the 24-26th June 2016, after moving a tree that an elephant had put on Tshwene, we managed to annoy the other HOs on duty… In one day, we saw three Wild Dogs (the splinter group of females), Buffalo and in the afternoon, TWO leopards!!!

But the fun part was watching a Warthog having a good wallow.


Then on Sunday we came across two Warthogs “making reinforcements”,

Small_02_Piggy_reenforceand they were at it a very long time! They only stopped when another boar trotted by too close, and he was chased off, coming quite close to us (so I photographed him “high-tailing it”).

Small_03_PiggY_Hightail  The original boar then returned to the female, and grazed by her side, and we carried on with our patrol.

Editors Note:  Thanks very much to HO Lesley Cornish for submitting this entertaining article and the photos



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