This year the Honorary Officer Association’s AGM took place on Saturday, 27 February and we are certainly very grateful to the PPC Jupiter Plant for once again allowing us to use their excellent facilities free of charge for the occasion.


Getting ready for the AGM

The turn out was exceptional, with 52 members attending, which was thanks mainly to the committee members who had gone on a recruiting drive prior to the event in order to get as many members as possible to attend and vote for the new Tax Status.

Once everyone was inside and settled, the AGM kicked off with the Chairman welcoming all attendees, as well as a special welcome to the six new Honorary Officers who have joined our ranks this year.


Each of the committee members then provided feedback on their individual portfolios and what had been undertaken by the Association over the past year.


Johann explaining just how big it actually was

One of the main items on the agenda was the requirement to obtain approval to amend the constitution, in order for us to obtain SARS approval of our application for exemption from income tax. This has been a long and arduous process and the association is extremely lucky to have had Neithard as our treasurer, as he has put many hours of his personal time into achieving this difficult task.


Neithard explaining the tax exemption ramifications and benefits to all

After a show of hands and counting of the proxy forms, the amendment to the constitution was passed and so finalisation of the tax exemption will take place within the next few months.

It was then time to elect the new committee for the coming year.


2016 NWP&TB Honorary Officer Association Committee

To wrap up the formal part of the day, the annual awards were presented.

Give That Man a Bell’s Award for Best Action Taken During a Duty

Etienne Step for his assistance at a motor vehicle accident in Pilanesberg on Boxing Day

Award for Action Taken Beyond the Call of Duty

Francois Swart for assistance at the same motor vehicle accident

 Most Amazing Sighting Award of the Year

Ed Lemke for his sighting of two male Black mambas Dendroaspis polylepis fighting, which was taken in the Wilderness area at Borakalalo National Park


Award for the Best Contribution to the HO Association

Bob Heynes for printing our Park Official signs, log books, providing printed mugs for the Get-Together speakers, and a plaque for Carl Cavendish-Davies, now erected at Felo Garona

To finish off no true South African event would be complete without the traditional braai and the AGM is no exception to this rule.





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