For those who do not know Lethabong Library is situated in Maboloka.  You may ask yourself, why this library, why in Maboloka?  Well, the story starts many years ago when Bushveld Mosaic first began with its sponsorship programme.  In 1997 we sponsored one teacher, and in 1998 two, one of whom was a very quiet and studious man named, Dan Malope.

When Dan completed the course he continued working with school environmental clubs, passing on what he had learned during the Bushveld Mosaic year.  He regularly corresponded with us at Bushveld writing reports of all his activities.  Unfortunately Dan passed away one morning in the bus going to his school.  He left behind a very young wife and a baby and the work that Dan was doing with regards to environmental teaching at the school clubs died with him.

One day some months ago, to my surprise, I was contacted by Gimakhso Malope who is Dan’s widow.  She told me that she worked at the Maboloka library and that she wanted her son Kegomoditsa (Comfort) to become a teacher, learn about the environment and so follow in his father’s footsteps.  So it was in his honour that the directors of Bushveld Mosaic decided to donate various books on Ecology, Wildlife and other nature related subjects as well as educational games to the library.

The library was completed in July 2016 and is a most delightful place. It has cheerful, airy rooms with lots of light, an inviting place to come and read, and receive knowledge.


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