One person can make a difference, and everyone should try _

John F Kennedy.

We are all well aware of the wildlife trafficking that is going on at various crossroads on the road to Sun City and many of us have agonised over this.

But recently, Viv Thomé (Honorary Secretary of the HO Association Committee) was determined to “Make a difference” and after discussion with the HO committee, she contacted Michael Farr, the Group General Manager: Corporate Brand and Communications at Sun International’s Head Office and explained the situation to him. He referred her to Mike van Vuuren, Managing Executive and Nicole Turner, Public Relations Manager of Sun City. Nicole immediately took it upon herself to discuss the matter with Sun City’s Environmental and Marketing team, consisting of Daniel Boshoff, Andrew Irumba and Scott Maclellan. Viv gave Nicole a detailed report on how serious the situation had become, with examples of incidents involving tourists and HOs, and requested help in bringing this to the public’s notice.

Nicole joined the “Pilanesberg – Gem of the West” Facebook page to keep herself updated. Within days, she and her Sun City Environmental and Marketing team had responded in a very positive way, promising to erect a sign at the gate boom exiting Sun City. A sign was designed to raise the awareness of all guests travelling on the road leading out of Sun City to Pretoria and Johannesburg with regards to the wildlife trafficking occurring on these roads.

Great news Nicole has just sent us this picture showing the sign that is now erected on the exit boom


We are hugely grateful to Sun City and Sun International for joining the fight to eradicate the market for the purchase/sale of our precious wildlife, which incidentally is illegal.


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