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The photo was taken by HO Jeremy Anderson on Tau Link.  Those HOs on duty with Jeremy weekend before last are excluded!


Most visitors to Pilanesberg and other North West Parks Board reserves see us as “Park Officials” driving around in an assortment of vehicles, asking people not to stick their arms, heads, sometimes entire bodies out of vehicles. Perhaps trying to clear a path at animal sightings so that those who cannot see what is going on may continue their journey.  And, of course, we also check permits  –  some members of the public will have seen an increase in that aspect of our voluntary duties.

(We had one member of the public get out of his vehicle to better observe a leopard sighting!)

We also assist the public when they break down in the park, towing vehicles back to one of the gates or giving passengers a lift back to a safe place.

You would be surprised at the number of vehicles that break-down (no, they are not all Land rovers) or have punctures.

This weekend we assisted a game drive vehicle to change two wheels following a double puncture; we towed a private vehicle that somehow, inexplicably, broke the sump (not unknown to us) and lost all its engine oil (which does little for the environment).

Then there was the couple who borrowed a vehicle and had a front, near side puncture.  They shredded the tyre trying to reach tarmac. When they tried to fit the spare they discovered the vehicle wheel studs equal five but the spare only had space for four.  Of course, the shredded tyre could not be repaired. There was a relative in the park with a similar vehicle so we had another HO track them down and bring them to the stricken vehicle.

All’s well that ends well.

Yes! Buffalo do live in Pilanesberg. HO David O’Reilly took this evening photograph, next door to the Pilanesberg Centre.  Admittedly, only one, but, still, proof they exist.

It’s also Impala rutting season, which will explain some of those strange, loud noises one will hear right now in the park, during the day and night. I watched one ram chasing a doe for some time. He thought his lucky day had arrived, the doe thought not.  The ram would get close, try to mount her, and she would accelerate away.

I left after about twenty minutes, and the ram was still in pursuit!

Enjoy your week and remember to keep those body parts (including children in the back) within your vehicle.


7th May 2018















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